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Tech Services - (Based in South Yorkshire)


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If you are looking for tech services within/around the Yorkshire area, then please feel free to send me a private message to discuss your gun(s) and get a quote.

- I will also consider work from outside this area, if you would like to utilise courier services

- Any parts/upgrades that are deemed necessary to ensure full repair, or to reach the required purpose specified by the customer, will be discussed and agreed on before they are purchased and/or installed

- All work will involve regular message updates, including any necessary videos, in order to keep you informed on the overall progress and outcome of your gun(s).
(See "previous work" link for example of documentation of assessment and work done)


Feel free to look through my previous work done for what I have documented experience with;

(top:bottom = oldest:newest)


TL;DR, I have worked on the following platforms;


M4 (and other m4-based platforms)




MP5 /G3



GBB Pistols


Drum Mags


[Based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire]


Note: I will be periodically updating this post with additional information
For example; Website address (once it's ready), additional business details, contact details, service(s), ... etc..



Thank you for your time

All the best -


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