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Amoeba striker AS01 Hop up and feed ramp


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I've already upgraded my Striker AS01 with an ESD Piston upgrade set but fitted a M140 spring instead of the M150.  I chrono'd this and it was shooting 498-500fps.  So lucky I didn't fit the M150 spring using .20.  The kit came with a Steel Sears and I fitted this.


My issue is the BB's aren't shooting properly, they're dropping and shooting multiple bb's so it's not feeding properly.


I'm going to fit a Action Army Hop Unit in this, however I've read that the Hop Up Rubber fitted isn't very good on these bb guns.  What one do I need?


I'm not sure what Hop Up Rubber to use.  I've seen there's loads and different angles. 50, 60 & 70 degrees.  


Will these fit in ok?



I'm buying this and want something to fit this;



I've seen there's a CNC Feed Ramp but can't seem to find any where in the UK that sell this.  Does anyone know where I can get one?





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