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Operation Warpath - Villager briefing (£5 per day Milsim)

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Just received the official brief for 'Villagers'




Operation WARPATH (16th/17th July) :- LOCAL TRIBES / MILITIA





You are living in a small village in the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) in Pakistan.


This is a lawless and very dangerous PART of the world. There are major ongoing feuds between tribes, murder is rife as life is cheap. Nearly all males are armed.


You will be attending to your everyday business around the village and be carrying out your own security patrols on foot and in a vehicle in and around the local village area.


You are cautious of all outsiders, even when fellow Muslims approach you for help.


You have a doctor living in the village and he must be protected at all times.





All people living in the village are friendly.


There are foreign fighters in the nearby woodlands. They are armed and extremely dangerous and should be treated with extreme caution. However, should they approach the village or villagers, then you are to try and establish a line of communication with them if possible - You do not want these as your enemy.





You are aware that there are continuous Drone Strikes in the area seeking out High Value Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders. You are also aware that there have been and are


Special Forces patrols out on the ground.


These patrols are primarily after High Value Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and not interested in the Local Tribes or Militia, unless they are housing or aiding any targets.


They are armed and extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. If you come across them, they are to be treated as HOSTILE at all times!





Security of the village. Static sentries and roaming patrols on foot and in the vehicle. (Please try and get a routine going if possible).


Cooking food, resting, collecting firewood - be creative!





Military mix with Civilian & local (Dishdash/Pakol type hat/Shemagh etc...)



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