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Maple Airsoft Supplies Superfeed Springs for Midcaps. Cutting length info


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Hello, I have been messing around today with Maple Airsoft Supply Superfeed springs. So, you don’t have to.

While this is based on PTW mags, I expect but cannot test that the results would be similar for other 120 round M4 midcaps. 
Some back story, I was the person who back in the day figured out a solution to PTS Pmags mags not feeding correctly and I was in contact with PTS with how they could improve their product. ( This was for PTW's ) 
Some of my recommendations made it into later versions.
I did a big post about it on the old Systema Europe Forum ( RIP )
It actually worked out well for me as after buying 2 at full price, I got another 8 from the forums for almost nothing, from people who’s didn’t work.
I have been running these mags since about 2012/13, when they were first released. After upgrading to 11.1 Lipo batteries, I found that the stock springs could not keep up with the ROF on even as light as .25 bbs.
Back then there was only one readily available solution on the market and that was MAG heavy replacement springs.
They came in 2 parts and required the joiner that was supplied in the PTS mags to use.
They were hateful to fit but they did their job very well.
Some of my mags are starting to give me feeding issues now and as I was going to service them, I decided to update the springs too.
Maple ones come as a one-piece and are a universal fit for up to 250 round mid-caps. So you are required to cut them to size and there is no guide for PTW Pmags until now 😊
The PTS Mags with MAG springs seem to take around 110-112 out of an original 120 round design.
Apparently, If you manage to fit the entire thing into a 120 round mid-cap, you can only fit about 45 rounds in. Pretty sure the force it would throw BB’s out would cause double feeds but I’m not going to test that.
Here are the results of the cut Maples
Super spring relaxed 55cm – 99 rounds
Super spring relaxed 51cm – 111 rounds
I will update later when I’m not at work with a video of the mag dumping but I have sprayed the bbs out a few times and they come out with a pleasant force.


a72a7ef4-67dc-4aa4-8ab9-7b1cad157ddf (1).jpg



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