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Custom HPA drum mag for WE AK74pmc


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Hello all.

I’m trying to find someone who can build me a HPA ready, 1500+ round, auto/sound/electric winding single drum mag for my WE AK74pmc. I have been let down by a bloke in the US who has been making me one since January. I have contacted others but they can’t do it for months!! (Booked in at LC’s Engineering Outpost but they are inundated and the waiting list is 4 months, I will still buy that one too for a spare) I’m going to NAF21 at the end of August and REALLY REALLY want one by then! My AK is fully Ra-Tech upgraded, got an 88ci/4500psi tank, Wolverine Storm (HP version) regulator etc … Just need this drum mag! Got £200.00 give or take to spend on it as the US bloke was charging $200.00 + shipping from the US … Please is there someone who can help me!! 

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