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ics ak74 ris review

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ICS ak-74

I've loved the more modern ak's since I was introduced to the world of airsoft so I decided to get one. I ordered from fire support and after being dispatched it quickly arrived. Top job on their behalf. I got with the order a tanio koba twist barrel (ak 74/47/g3 length), a prometheus hop-up, and an extra magazine.


First impressions

Heavy. Very heavy. Most of the gun is metal and generally the externals are top notch. However the stock isn't the best. Feels more like something you'd expect on a cyma than an ICS. The RIS rails on the side also feel a bit cheap-the ones on the top and bottom of the gun are excellent however. It's a nice solid gun and I don't think I need to worry about it breaking anytime soon. The gun came in a nice box with a cleaning/unjamming rod, 1000 ics bb's (assuming these to be high quality, couldn't see any imperfections in them, fired them with no problems) and 2 magazines as well as the extra stuff I ordered.



As I mentioned before the stock is alright, not all that great if I'm honest. The receiver, very nice. I believe it's full metal. With the exception of the horizontal RIS rails the gun is very nice externally. The stock however is a weakness. As is the butt plate. Removing the thing is a nightmare. I had to use a combination of a hammer and a screw driver to get it off the first time (I did try other less agressive methods but to no avail) however after that it came off easier. The fire selector is full metal and clicks into postion nicely. I don't know why but I prefer it going safety-fully automatic-semi automatic (the way ak's do it) compared to safety-semi-full auto ( the way most western guns that I know of do it [Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret saying that. Cue the huge list of western assault rifles that don't do it that way])

Anyway, the gun is very solid-it feels like it could survive a fall or two, however I don't plan to test it because I don't think it's the best idea with my luck. I'm very satisified with the externals-top notch job by ICS.




This isn't complete because 1. I haven't opened up the gearbox and 2. I don't have a working camera. I plan to come back to this and edit it at a later date. However when I decided to bite the bullet and install my own upgrades (whenever I noticed how strapped I was for cash and the fact I needed money for the game at FRV on the 20th) by swapping the barrels and fitting a new bucking I did notice that it seems to be a regular ics bucking, a pretty standard inner barrel and a one piece plastic hop-up typical of ak replicas.




Rate of fire is very good thanks to the ICS turbo 3000 motor. Range is over 120ft with a properly adjusted hop-up (This is without the tk barrel. With it, I'd estimate 170ft+). Space limitations prevented me getting an accurate figure. Accuracy is alright..however fit a tightbore and I'm sure that will work fine. I suffered some feeding issues with the hi-cap mags I got with the gun but I'm sure a little silicon lube will sort that out. Just ordered some from zero one today with a set of ares ak mid caps. I'll see if there is any feeding issues with those.

Again I'll come back and edit this to add in how it does at a skirmish and add fps figures if I can get a chrono sometime





Very solid

reasonably priced- £270 at firesupport minus shipping

ris rails are useful and they look quite nice on the gun

high rate of fire

decent accuracy

Seems to have decent enough internals

good range



butt plate, stock and horizontal ris rails aren't the best

Mild feeding issues


All I can say is that I'm very happy with this and I'd advise you to get one as well.





I will try and add photo's sometime.

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