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LIPO Help??

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Alright, so it's time to get rid of my crane stock. Now that batteries have gotten to the point they can be swallowed without noticing,

I'm looking for a LiPo battery that will replace my 9.6v crane type battery in my M4-CQB by sitting in the stock tube. From what

I can tell I have two options either a 7.4v or a 11.1v. one seems too low and the other seems too high.


about the gun:-


CA M15 CQB upgraded full Systema mechbox with Systema high torque motor

GP cell 9.6V 2300mAh NiMH crane type battery


my questions:-


1.) If I get the 7.4v, will i lose ROF and have my gun sound like its from the hire pile?

2.) If i get the 11.1v, will my gun melt from the voltage?

3.) Will the LiPo 7.4v or 11.1v have the minerals to run the mechbox and motor (the crane i have was one of 3 or 4 i tried before i settled on the GP cell battery)

4.) Is their a better alternative to the 7.4v and the 11.1v e.g a 9.6v that has evaded me?


If anyone can help cheers



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hi there,


well i can tell your a rof guy like me...


its truly upto you.


i have a kwa m4 system which comes "lipo ready" upto now no problems


genrally higher voltage higher rate off fire eg. a 9.6v gives a 15-20% more rate of fire than a 8.4 but decreases your guns life in the long run that little bit faster


if you want the rate of fire your gun should be able to handle a 11.1 just it wont live aslong as if you used a 8.4 etc if your confident in fixing any problems that may come up then i say go for it.


basically the higher volt = more rof but less life span for the aeg if you think its worth it or are ok with repairing them then i say go for it.

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my ca runs on a 7.4 lipo no problems, quick trigger response due to mosfet, but still good rate of fire, as yours is a upgrades gearbox, i would go for a 11.1 and should be no problems, would recommend a mosfet though


also get a charger like a imax b6

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