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Father's UKARA Expired but I own an IF (under 18)

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So I am looking to get back into airsoft with some friends and I would like to purchase another IF. However my Dad's UKARA  is expired and I can't obtain one because I am under 18. I already own an IF and I am wondering how he could get it renewed without having to play another game. If he is unable to renew it without playing some more games would I be aloud to paint over the 2 tone of an airsoft gun since I already own one?


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If you are looking at IF's ie two tone guns, then the only requirement is to be over 18 to buy one. As such you Dad can buy it for himself without needing UKARA defence. And he may gift that gun to anyone.

If you take an IF and remove/paint the two tone parts you are in effect "manufacturing a RIF". It has it's own caveats the law is very specific about "manufacturing a RIF". You need to read the law regarding this.

The simple way round the two tone rule at sites is to have a removable wrap for the IF's. That way they still remain two tone and legal, but are also not invasive at games.

You do not need a Ukara defence to play at a site, Some sites require two tone guns to be covered hence the removable wrap.


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