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Movie: Sucker Punch

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To all those who saw it, what did you think? It certainty was a unique film for me.


I went to see because I was bored out of my mind and needed another movie to get the taste of "Battle:LA" out of my mouth. I went into the movie expecting lots of action and a lacking plot due to critics' reviews but at the end of the movie I was pleasantly surprised to have seen a decent plot. The plot while although pretty simplistic (IE: Girl goes to asylum then wants to escape) was made much deeper through more symbolism than I can fit in this thread. There were so many allegories that I doubt you can find them all.


The directing was great but what else would you expect from the guy who directed 300 and watchmen? The camera angles were decent throughout the entirety of the film and the environments of all the worlds, real or fake, were beautifully based off of color to reflect the mood.


The CGI was superb throughout the majority of the film with only a few little noticeable flaws.


Another great thing about this film is its reliance on its amazing soundtrack that help contribute to the movie almost as much as any of the other things. Every world had its own theme song with the title of that song reflecting that world (IE for a dragon they had "And your world will burn").


For all of those of you thinking it might now be good just remember, when was the last time you saw 5 hot chicks fighting an army of undead German zombies?




Overall I thought it was pretty good and a much needed original film. I give it an 8/10 just for the sheer entertainment it provided and the fact that it was something new. Plus 5 hot chicks running around with guns is always good. ;)

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It's definitely my kind of film.


And it proved that most critics are idiots and can't see past their own nose.


It could've worked as 4 15-minute long webisodes.

But the plot was very interesting.


And a movie that is basically one of Zack Snyder's dreams put into film, can't go wrong. :)

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