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Fire Support

Free Fire Zone WWII Weekend Woodland Event May 7th & 8th 2011 Bulby Wood.

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Free Fire Zone WWII Weekend Woodland Event May 7th & 8th 2011 Bulby Wood.


“During the early autumn of 1944 a drive by the allies toward the Rhine left many isolated pockets of Axis resistance cut off from the rest of the war. In many of these pockets both sides fought valiantly to retreat with minimal losses or hold out until strengthened. The Allies have been sending small companies to some of these hot spots to report on enemy infrastructure or strength. The Axis forces in Le forest du Bulby were, at one time, in a very strong position. The recent Allied drives have left these parts of Germany up for grabs. It will be decided over these coming days who grabs the most……..”


This WWII campaign game will see Saturday evening representing the allied assault into Le forest du Bulby, wiping out the last traces of German troops that are known to be in the area. The village of Escargot de Bourgogne is know to house an Axis listening station that has been monitoring Allied radio traffic.


It must be found and destroyed at all costs before the day is out as the following days air assaults cannot take place with this un-gentlemanly listening in on Allied activities! Captured US equipment is thought to be in use there.




The Axis forces will defend it hard and are unlikely to leave the forest without a fight, they expect to lose men doing so, it is certain they will fight to the bloody end here.


It is believed they have armour so an allied Bazooka team will be dropped in if needed.


The Sunday will be one long scenario, with the Axis beginning in the smallest pocket of the region to wage their hit and run war on the Allies as they try to secure two key sites in this region. They are sure to have limited men but having held this region for a year are likely to know exactly how to defend it.


The presence of armour here is a major concern to Allied planners for security in the coming months. It must be eliminated (if there at all, Intel is patchy) and the key routes into the region mined. Key objectives will be targeted by planners and the limited numbers of troops are expected to give their lives to get these objectives secure. It will surely be a painful day!


This event is expected to be a correct kit event for the purists of you and hi caps will only be allowed with limited ammo capacities as we understand some of the difficulties involved with getting period AEG’s and other equipment.

Determined efforts must be made to look the part!


The game fee is £25 for the evening and day game plus camping on site,

all places must be pre-booked and paid in full by end of April.


Site location can be forwarded, it is just North of Bourne, Lincs.


We have a decent sized field for camping, good car parking, a toilet and 75 acres to play in. The game site features a firebase with two 105’s. Bridge across the stream, large Mortar position and Border crossing area. Decent sized village. Ammo dump and three/four bunkers and pill boxes. Vehicles, if anyone wants to, can be used by prior arrangement. They will be more than welcome though on this basis.


The site will be open from 15.00 on the saturday, we are expecting evening play to start at 18.00-19.00hrs on the Saturday, until dark. End of game on Sunday (10.00am start) will be 16-17.00 hrs depending on players travel concerns.


E-mail [email protected] for further details or booking paperwork

or call Firesupport directly to book over the phone 01733 247171 and speak to John. We hope as many of you can make it and last year was a very good game and enjoyed by all that attended.


fps limit 345 for AEG and 500 for snipers (both using .2g bbs)





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