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ashley bramley

Swindon Airsoft Supplies

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i order a sling from these guys postage was a little bit pricey but good communication and fast delivery so whats a little bit of change £££ when you get such good service happy and i recommend these guys

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they are good, and at the moment seem to have stock the larger stores dont

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I would like to change my view on Swindon Airsoft Surplies. I brought my First gun ICS L86 which was completely broken and didn't work I then took it to the shop and they replaced, which then also didn't work until I took it in and they repaired it.


I have now bought a Holo scope from them and after 1 days use it broken and wont turn on at all.... The box was opened when I got it, there was no cleaning cloth inside and it looked the be the display model they have in the shop. I'm not happy at all.


Waiting to find out what they will do, I want a refund is that fair? I shall keep you updated.



Hello Tristan


We always endeavour to provide you and indeed all our customers with the best possible service.


However, sometimes products do go wrong in manufacture and we urge all our customers to contact us in the first instance.


We assess all warranty claims on their own merit and then provide the quickest and best possible solution.


Your first L86 had a faulty hop chamber direct from ICS. The second had a faulty hop rubber, which I replaced with an upgraded high end Madbull Rubber.


The new Element 551 scopes in stock do not come with a cleaning cloth and I have now amended our website to reflect that.


The item we sold you was indeed opened, as all stock is checked when it arrives from the supplier.


As discussed, we have sold lots of these scopes and unfortunately the battery terminal on your scope was faulty, but easily repairable. Instead I chose to provide you with a refund.


We are here and always happy to help with queries or issues.


Thanks and kind regards



Paul Clayton


Swindon Airsoft Supplies Ltd

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