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mag parts for an HFC glock and unknown brand mk23 SOCOM

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Hi Guys, 


I'm looking to get back into airsoft and was just going over what gear I managed to save since I stopped.


I have come across a leaking HFC G17 mag - maybe the main seal or the seals for the inlet valve/big screw.


I also have a mk23 - which I cant for the life of me figure out what make it is, i will upload some pictures of it soon, but I think it could also be a HFC, anyways, it has 2 mags, both inlet valves broke and I am trying to source some new ones but I cant find any that I know would definitely fit. I tried the valve from the g27 mag in the mk23 mag and it actually worked, so would just getting a generic valve for this type of pistol work?


Main question is though, where to find the seals from a UK supplier for the g27 and a valve for the mk23 mags.



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