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TM desert Eagle help

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Hi guys,

New to the Forum but need advice. My friend had the chrome Desert Eagle from Tokyo Marui that I loved and ive used a few times so I decided to buy it from him. Tested and was working fine. Went to use it at my site and the Loading muzzle has gone dodgy so the slide wouldn't go forward correctly. I was advised to buy a replacement part. So I bought the Guarder Enhanced loading muzzle from fire support.

Took pistol apart replaced the loading muzzle put back together and slide locks at it should went to shoot and the gas from the mag was just released. like a steam train.

Any idea why this now happens fixed one issue to get another. there is the piston at the back connected to the safety that ive had trouble with that I don't thinks working correctly could this be why?

Any help would be amazing


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