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Help with a price

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Hi Guys,

I'm potentially looking at selling one of my P* Jack setups and wondered what sort of value it would be worth.

G&G GC16 MOD0 30th anniversary Edition
Polarstar Jack (V2 Edition)
Ninja LPR + 36" Braided Line In Red (optional extra)
Retro Arms Speed Trigger (In Red)
Retro Arms Selector (In Red)
ZCI 6.02mm Stainless Steel Barrel
ZCI Prowin (CNC in red)
ZCI 12" Keymod Rail
Maple Leaf Bucking and Omega Nub
Big Dragon Butterfly Aluminum Cocking handle
Element M16 Tactical Target Grip
Stock Grip
Visionking scope & Mount (Optional Extra)
supressor (Optional Extra)
bipod (Optional Extra)
paracord (Removed)

This gun was all put together myself as part of a DMR build I documented on here for a while.

After a rough price on this with and without the optional parts.

I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to sell yet, I've seen some other parts which tickle my fancy and may be looking to change.

Can take more pictures if there's interest.



Pictures can be found on my original thread here: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/28333-a-noobs-hpa-engine-build-my-wondrous-journey/

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