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WE M4 GBBR Appraisal

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Evening Gents,

Considering splitting an open bolt m4 and am wondering how much parts are worth or as an upper/lower. Very good condition, only a couple of minor marks. Trigger box (and internal parts), buffer, stock tube plate and bolt catch are next to new.

RA-tech m4al length inner barrel.
Maple leaf bucking and omega nub.
Angry Gun steel hop chamber (stock one still installed)
Custom turned Delrin spacer in buffer
Everything else is stock, in good condition and well maintained.

Fitted with Magpul K grip and MOE trigger guard (genuine Magpul, not PTS or clone rubbish)
Also fitted with real-deal MilSpec stock tube, stock plate and castle nut.
DYTAC G Style SMR MK V 9.5" Rail in Dark Earth
QD fitting supressor (inner barrel runs through it)
Clone CTR stock
Aimpont T1
PEQ (faulty)
Polymer BUIS
Aftermarket charging handle.

A price for the whole package and split as a complete upper/complete lower would be helpful.

One thing to note with the upper is the thread is damaged, the rail fits on perfectly still as there is enough thread left to make it rock solid. Bog standard plain uppers are cheap to purchase so I expect this will be reflected in the price.









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