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ARES AR-005 (G36K) Problem...

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Hi all,


First off, I am a complete newbie regarding airsoft, so apologies if I come across a bit stupid. I've had a quick search for a post about my issue but couldn't find anything.


My problem is with my brand new Ares AR-005 or as it's commonly referred to, the G36K and it's bolt. All of a sudden I can no longer pull the bolt fully back... just an inch and something seems to be blocking it. The gun will seem as though it's firing (semi and full auto) but nothing comes out of the barrel.


Is this a common issue? And how easy would it be for me to fix?


If any more info is needed just ask.


Thanks in advance!

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Ooh I see this is an old thread did you ever get it fixed?? I have the self same problem that's just occurred but the gun does fire

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