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Tm Desert Eagle Rocket valve?

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Bought a TM DE as spares and repairs.

The mag was leaking all over the place but I seem to have fixed that. However the gun pisses out a tonne of gas on every shot. 1 mag of gas lasts about 5 shots. I know these things use a lot of gas but this is too much.


I asked someone yesterday their advice, and he said it seems to be missing a rocket valve from inside the loading nozzle.




The loading nozzle was replaced in this gun apparently.


I'm not so sure this gun uses one now that I have it in bits. It has what I think is a floating valve in it instead.


I'm no expert though so hoping for some advice here. Could it just be a knackered mag? The bottom of the mag is missing too which tells me he's had it in bits.






Video of it firing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7u6a2_5yj0

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This is a pic of inside my P226. The blue bit is what he thinks is missing.


I can't find anything like it for the TM though which is what makes me thing it doesn't have one. There's also no sign of it in the disassembly video I watched.

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