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Looking to get someone's opinion on the value of my shooter. May consider selling it to speed up the saving process for my 416.

G&G GR16 CQW Rush

8.4v nunchuck battery
G&G 450 Hi-cap magazine
NOVESKE type skull frog amplified flash hider
Magpul Mbus type front & rear iron sights

Madbull V2 247mm 6.03mm tightbore inner barre
Madbull 60 degree 'thunder' hop-up bucking
G&G Tactical Pistol Grip
SHS Trigger switch
SHS 13:1 high speed gear set
JBU High Torque motor
Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 MOSFET


Other Info:
Deans wired.
Corrected AOE (not done yet but will be shortly as well as a slightly stronger spring)

Was shooting at about 318 but that will change when the AOE is corrected and a new spring is put in. Hopefully the strong spring will counteract the FPS loss from the AOE correction so it should remain around the same. I'm just waiting on the spring

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The way I'd value things is by totaling the cost of your weapon and deducting percentages by the age of the gun or the condition it is currently in. I'm not so sure exactly how much you should be charging for that because I have no idea of cost

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Ok. So the total value of the parts and gun is about £380. The gun is about 6 months old, the internals are about 3 weeks old.

Do you think £275 would be a good price?

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