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Green Zone Mil Sim LTD

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Hi all,


Our new events company is nearly up & running and we're now well into the planning cycle for the first event, hopefully pencilled in for the end of May. Check out, like & share our FB & Twitter pages and keep an eye out for all the latest news and info about OP UNIFIED AGGRESSOR. The website should be live soon and this will then become the main hub for transmitting information! Not quite the full Mil Sim, but more of a Battle Camp, trained by SME's who are currently serving to keep everything as real as possible, breaking for a social in the evening with a free BBQ and some beers, then starting again Sunday morning but playing as the opposite team so everyone gets a shot at Red & Blue forces. Hope to meet up with you at some events before our debut one!!


Twitter: @GRNZone_Airsoft


Facebook: Green Zone Military Simulation LTD




Green Zone Team

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Just wanted to clear up quite an important issue. Today I've been contacted by the owner of Urban6Airsoft who have been running events on the Training Area we've requested to use for a number of years. We were made aware by the company that manage the MoD areas that their was a company who held events on the odd Sunday and normally around once a month, so we naturally assumed it was an event aimed at Skirmishing. The last thing we have wanted to do on this venture is to tread on other peoples toes. We were certain that the customers we were trying to attract running a full weekend Mil Sim event would be different to that of U6A. I have had a really good chat with the owner on the phone and told him exactly what our plans are, and that we are keen to get the business going in the best possible way. The last thing we want to do in these early stages is cause conflict with other companies. I'm glad that we had the chat and Mark seemed like a really decent bloke and I certainly didn't feel any animosity when we spoke. We are planning on meeting up over the next few weeks for a Coffee and to discuss things in more detail, but we have now hopefully put is mind at rest about our intentions, and are both confident that we can work alongside one and other, and have even discussed potentially hosting a joint event in the future. It was good to talk and introduce ourselves and we at Green Zone Mil Sim are now looking forward to building a solid relationship with the team at Urban6Airsoft

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