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OP Argonaut (6th April)

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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The first Game date is now set.

Glyn Ceriog. Near Oswestry and Chirk

Sunday 6th April

08.00 on site for an 08.30 startex

17.00 Endex- Light dependant

Price is £20

Hope you can all make it.
Reply on here with your choice of sides and we will update accordingly.

Numbers for this are unlimited.


Send me PM with your name and the team you wish to join.


Op Argonaut

A Russian military air transporter has shot been shot down over Syria. Navit has intercepted communications that a supposed routine flight from Libya to Kazakhstan was in fact carrying a large shipment of depleted uranium. The Syrian Militia on the ground have found the shipment and are currently holding the depleted uranium for ransom to the highest bidder and have placed a 10 hour window with the highest bidder being accepted.


The Syrian militia are currently holding the Uranium in a well-fortified area some 60 miles outside the capital, Damascus and have placed mortar pits into strategic placements to keep local armed forces and any specialist units at bay. The Syrian army have already been notified but currently finding it hard to make any ground through the city and into the foothills due to the Syrian militia stepping up their presence with a larger force inside the city as they are holding out for a better price on the uranium. The Russians are denying any involvement in flying the uranium over Syrian airspace and are refusing to act upon their loss of the uranium due to international laws set by the UN.

The UN have put together a team of specialist engineers who have been tasked to para drop from high altitude to avoid any further airborne attacks and take out certain locations as well as destroying or recovering the Uranium before exfil.


Mission Brief.


UN Task Force.


  1. Destroy the mortar pits safeguarding entry to the uranium whilst maintaining minimum casualties.
  2. Beware of potential sniper elements in the area who have been tasked with keeping surveillance on key areas in the foot hills.
  3. Locate and either extract or destroy the shipment of depleted uranium.
  4. Avoid contact with the larger Syrian militia as their numbers are greater.
  5. Destroy the SAM site safeguarding any possible air threat to allow a safe exfil at 17.00hrs.


Syrian Militia


1 Maintain a safe patrolling area and ensure no home based or specialist foreign units get a chance to extract or destroy the uranium.


2 Booby-trap all locations if necessary to prevent the uranium getting into enemy hands and hold up any enemy targets until reinforced from the city and a buyer has been found.


3 Wait out until 17.00 hrs and make sure the buyer can receive their goods.



Kit rqd.


Props will be in game for genuine demolition.

All dems kit will be provided to the UN Task force.

Maps and potential enemy locations will be provided on the day.

The usual 1 day event equipment..



Nutty ETC.

Waterproofs ( just in case).

Full load out with extra supplies of batteries and ammo.

It may be worth bringing a dry set of civvies. It is wales after all.

For a more detailed outlined revision on equipment to bring then check out the kit list page.

Uniform Load out info.

UN TASK Force.

Multi Cam, Desert cam, MTP, Desert A-tacs


Alan Sladen +Milspec Landrover 110

Damien Sladen

Ryan Astley

Adam Madge

Rupe Brookes

Dave Cohen

Johnny Render

Andy White

Paul King

Liam Rowley

Jonny Baxter




Syrian Militia.

DPM, Flectarn, ETC. Mish mash of local area clothing also allowed just don't conflict with the UN Task Force load out.



Sam Ingham

Alex Bolton

Ron Mahoney

Mark Saunders

Lewis Mahoney

Clive Bowes

Mark Saunders,

Tom Searle

Sean Elliot

Paul N.

Pete D

Stu D

Alistair Greenough

Dave Meakin

Phil Rove

Sean Ganser
Team Legio Titan



Awaiting team selection.


Themighty wang



Link from the web page .


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Right guys and gals. We're now a week away from our first event.

The event location has no address but here's Coordinates for the main gate:-


Admin staff will meet you at the main gate Sunday morning and direct you to the carpark.

Please arrive on time and as prepared as possible for a STARTEX at 08:30.

TFBK Admin.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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