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Svs were at Battlelakes Kent run by Zed Adventures on the 15th of Sep, it was the second time this month as part of an on going story line they are doing about drug smuggling ect.


Team Wolfpack were the Bolivians and a couple of Trench Rats too , 12 players ish


Team Trench Reats were the Columbians 16 players ish


Team SVS were the DEA - Police 8 of us.



Each team leader had a Radio and they could do deals ect with the other teams, The aim of the game was to steal other teams stuff and defend your own, well right of the bat both other teams called for a ceasfire and wanted to go against us! that was us out numbered! All game we were trying to attack but the shots were coming in hard and it felt like everywhere we went we were running into a wall of fire and they just kept coming from the spawn and right back into the game. I used all 1200 rounds in the first hour of the game and was down to my pistol just trying to lay down fire to match there over power in numbers. We then hear over the radio that the Columbians have taken the Bolivians stuff too so are winning the game! Sneaky Columbians!! Svs started a full out attack at them but they were well dug in into good cover and was just not happening. The more of them we shot and got closer we then be confronted behind by the Bolivians! Right at the end i got inside there base only to be shot in the back!! GOD DAME IT!


I have to say it was a very hard day for SVS prob the hardest fought battle we have had, shame there was only 8 of the 15 team members, but the other teams did really well with there game plan it worked. Hope to see them all again in 2 weeks for some revenge!!


Another great day by Zed Adventures



God i love Airsoft, try come down and join us !!


Hope see you at an event soon.





Jay - VP-22





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