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Battlelakes kent / Zed Adventures.

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Surrey Viper Squad headed over to Zed Adventures Battlelakes site on the 1st of Sep, what was supposed to be all 15 of us ended up being just 3. After chatting to a few guys on here ( Gaz G36 being one of them) and them saying they were going to be there it had all makings of a good day!


There are a few things i like about this site, the people that run it are fair, friendly and just easy to get on with not attitude like some other sites in Kent, ( wont start throwing mud) not SVS thing to do.

The actual site is good spread over 200 acres its very good in the fact that it is a bit of everything, good for CQB and snipers alike. The game play is nice they had us having to do actual tasks while gun fighting so its making you think not just run around like crazy there are alot of tactics involved, we decided to be a attacking force for the first game, we took out about seven people in first 10mins and sneaked right up behind there base only to be ambushed by our own team who had followed the path we created!!BLOODY FOOLS!!

Black Team leader VP-21 did a wicked job of finding a route to there base and then cutting them in half was the best game plan and leadership in Airsoft you could ask for as well as us having to keep up with his fast pass always attacking them and never letting them rest.

From then on we were in the action i spent through almost all 1200 rounds 10 mags. VP-21 got the longest head shot i have seen in airsoft it was epic had be 200ft. Was a great first game and we won in good style the team that defended did an epic job they were new to airsoft and i gotta say were one best defending teams we played with.


The day was very fun i could not join in the last hour game as my ICS concept decided to stop working but the 2 games and 6 hours played were epic, it was good sportsmanship all round everyone was taking there shots, there was no moaning and everyone was having fun. The staff at Battlelakes let my team mate borrow a gun for free as his gun firing 370fps and his other he forgot his mag!!! that was his day done untill they did that and though that was a touch of class by them.


All in all im very happy with the day hope to see some more people from the forum down there let me know if you guys go we may be there too, i belive we are going on the 15th sep and there should be a big turn out this time from SVS.



Jay ( Reaper ) VP- 22



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