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iSoft P45 Heavyweight

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Gun Name and maker: iSoft P45 Heavyweight 0.7KG


FPS: Says 340+ but I measure around 360 on the first mag

Hop up: Adjustable

Mag Capacity: 26 I think dont have it on me

Battery: Gas

Plastic/Metal/Both: Plastic exterior metal internals


Price: £45


My opinion and overall comments: When I first openend the box I was actually quite surprised at the size of the pistol, nice feel with the grip and provides plenty of support and weight to aim it accurately, a full gas load will last around 4 magazines, hop up is adusted easily ( just on top of the pistol near the sights) even though people say it is not accurate well... You get what you pay for which to be honest is not true with this pistol, when ajusted properly it can shoot just fine


Overall rating:


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