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Spring and Hop Up Questions/Advice For JG M4

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Good Morning Airsofters!


Went to a skirmish this past weekend. Am uber happy with my recent gearbox shim/lube job. Now my attention is drawn to two items. First, the spring. The gearbox being the "enhanced" JG is all metal incl gears and guides and in the states, boasts an average fps on all the sites of around 400+ fps (120+ mps). But since it is an Italy import gun, it is regulated to start at only 100 mps. Does anyone know what type of spring I would want to change to in order to get to the build strength that comes in same gun elsewhere in world? As I understand it, a 100 spring is roughly 100 mps with .20 (110 is 110 mps, etc). Is this more or less accurate?


Second topic, the Hop Up: How do you feel about changing Hop Up unit to aftermarket (in this case a King Arms)? Is it truly a noticeable and useful upgrade or is it one of those esoteric things that improves only a tiny bit overall performance?


Thanks a lot for the help!

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