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Op-Tactical UK - Tean Ops

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Tean Ops - Woodland


Tean Ops in set in a small woodland not far from Stoke-on-Trent, in the wonderful rolling countryside of Staffordshire.


There is a variety of different play areas, each one offering a varied and exciting style of play and scenarios. One moment you can be having a ranged firefight with snipers, using pyro's to clear trenches storming bunkers filled with enemy forces, the next you can be fiercely fighting building to building in a CQB village environment where enemies can be hiding behind every corner or you could even be laying siege to a fort, dead set on the destruction of the defending forces and capturing their stronghold for your own use.


This woodland site has a robust amount of different game areas with plenty of games to suit every-bodies style of play. There are first class Marshals on site to supervise you both in the safe zone and in game, allowing you to have the most fun possible without things getting out of hand or stagnating.




Games are currently run on the first Saturday/Sunday of the month and the third Saturday of the month.


Staffordshire Woodland Ops

National Paintball Site

Hollington Road,


near Uttoxeter,


ST10 4JT


To Access the site from Hollington Road continue away from the village for approx 2/3Mile the entrance is at the top of the hill on the left hand side (its not easy to spot and curves back on itself)


Start Time: Check-in From 9:00 *Gates Close At 9:30

Safety Briefing / Starts Ops 10:00


Dinner 1300-1340 Food at £5 per head. * TINA’S Café Is BACK..!! Advance Bookings Only


End X 16:30pm -17:00pm


Games Style: Intence Games With Briefing and De-Briefs


Event Costs:

£20.00 Payment On the Day

Paypal Account: [email protected]


Normal Price £10.00*Hire/Rental

*Inc. Rental RIF AEG/RIF, Goggles/Face mask


Club Membership £35.00 For the Year


*Please note No deposit is needed from all participants wanting to attend any OP-Tactical-UK Event.


Any Questions call Rob Blakemore

Tel:07964 990831

E-mail. [email protected]

Or Sam Marshall

Tel: 07917 832354

E-mail. [email protected]

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