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Single shot has disappeared (King Arms OA-15 M7)

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Hi guys,


Thanks for looking at this and hopefully offering me some advice.


I bought a King Arms OA-15 M7 about 18 mounts ago and have absolutely loved it! Small, solid and stunning range and accuracy for its size.


But a month or so ago I went to skirmish with it and I had no single shot. Just Safe, Full Auto and Full Auto.


I'm thinking it may be the Control bar as I have looked at the tappet plate ad it seems fine.


I just wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem with a King Arms or any other make.


Many thanks



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Either an issue with the selector plate, or your cut off lever has worn out. Open the gearbox - if you got the know how - and spin the gears manually to see how the sector gear engages the cut off lever. On single fire mode, it should raise the lever as it engages which when the gearbox is closed pulls the trolley back off the contacts essentially giving you one cycle of the gearbox rather than a full auto burst.

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