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Who we are-what we do!

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Greetings one and all,

Some of you may know the name Airsoft Commando, as a team we have been playing throughout the UK for over 10 years.

Once the VCR act came to pass we set up our Club, Airsoft Commando, here in Yorkshire, so that the team would have a stable base of operations to run from.

The club/site is open to all who enjoy airsoft. We may do things a little differently to your average sites, we play skirmish games but we also have target drills, and the chance for members/players to tune/test/reapir their kit all at the club.

We charge £10 to members and £15 to non members on meet days, for this you can pretty much do as you please. If you fancy going to join one of the skirmish games then off you go. If you wish to shoot some targets, do drills then feel free. If you want to chat/tune/repair or test you kit then there is always plenty of players with over 18 years airsoft experience to offer help.

We have gullys, fox holes, and a village with over 15 building that offer you a real CQB feel, great for our pistol and shotgun days.

This is what makes us an airsoft 'club'. We, as a club, also travel to other airsoft sites to play. There is nothing better than going to another site with 10+ players that you already know...another great bonus of been part of a club

Please feel free to pop down for a chat. http://www.airsoftcommando.net/community/index.php?topic=2122.0
Thanks Andy

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