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New airsoft site

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Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place I'm totally hopeless in forums.


I've only recently came across airsoft and I absolutely love it, I inherited a large woodland with several buildings in the last few months in South Yorkshire and unfortunately unless I make it pay for its self it going to have to go, I was thinking along with a few friends setting it up as an airsoft skirmish site yet I have no idea what is needed to do so, I know there is the ukara but its not legally required to register with them as far as I can see. Can anyone help do I just set up a web site get insurance and away we go or is there a lot more. Thanks guys hope you can help

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Depends on what sort of income you want to generate, I am talking more from a business perspective rather than knowing a lot about airsoft.


You will need liability insurance, you will need marshalls (these can be 'self employed, so you don't have to pay the national insurance etc)


To my mind you have two options. 1) , run skirmishes with the site as it is, pay a couple of marshalls (you'll need qualified first aider) and you'll need to do H&S risk assessments of the site etc, and just charge a flat fee undercutting other local sites and cater to established airsofters etc.


2) do one, but take it further, invest money in upgrading the facilities onsite (portaloos, some bases/landscaping etc) and but an inventory of AEGs to rent out and run it like other businesses, you could also have a shop onsite etc. I'm guessing though from the tone of your post you don't have the cash for such an option.


My main concern would be HSE regs, insurance and checking you can use the land for business purposes (restrictive covenants etc)


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