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Skirmish Day 27th January 2013 - Strines

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  • On the 27th january 2013 Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft
    Will be hosting a Walk-On At the Strines Sheffield.
    The site is situated at The Strines just outside Sheffield, set in over 100 acres of leafy woodland on the edge of the peak district So get yourself down,
    Directions to site and a postcode will be displayed in the Site Info section of our web forum at http://ytairsoft.co.uk/forum/14-information/24-site-directions
    Please post if you require hire package Gun,Mag & PPE cost £10
    Walk on Price £25
    Member Ship Price £20
    Airsoft Community Price £20
    (proof that you are a member at a airsoft site is need)
    - full game day inc food at lunch break .
    -Check-in From 8:30am
    -Safety Briefing 9:30am
    -Games Start 10:00am
    -End X 4.30pm







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