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hey im new

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hey guys i am new to the airsoft world had my first skirmish a few week back any advice would be awesome as in what gear and guns for a beginner


thanks guys

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First off welcome to the forums buddy :)


Right now to the advice:


1. I highly suggest renting/hiring for the first three skirmishes and get your ukara sorted as this will open the doors to many pretty guns for

you to spend your hard earned cash on :D


2. Now i notice you have The Grange as your site ill assume thats the one i play at as well (when i can get a bloody weekend off from work)

their normal site is pretty average on engagement distances but their Honiley site is CQB so if its these sites your looking to play at to start

with i would highly suggest a G36C as your first weapon (i love my HK rifles btw) which will be more use at both sites as i use my G36KV at

both and at honiley i do struggle with the length of the rifle but my side arm is handy for those close up shots


3. Kit wise it depends on if you just wanna do it as something like heading to skirmish games or going along the MILSIM route and perfecting a

loadout to a spefic requirement.


Its all just about having fun

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