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Looking for help upgrading King Arms M4!

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Howdy guys, newbie to the forum!


I've got a King arms M4a1 with trimmings and I'm Looking to start modifying it, at the moment its just stock internals.


The first thing I'm planning to do is mount a CQB-r kit on the front replacing the full length barrel & RIS, simple enough however I'm not sure what length inner barrel I will need?


On top of this I want to start upgrading the internals and this is where I have no idea where to start! So I'm after opinions on potential upgrade parts, I'm looking to make the rifle accurate and not too bothered about ROF, I like airsofting more for the competitive realism so been able to pour a mid cap down range in the blink of an eye is not my largest concern!


Currently running a 7.4 lipo. and the rifle is hot, in need of a new spring.


Any and all help will be much appreciated :D

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