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About Frontier Airsoft

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Frontier Airsoft is based in the UK near Stafford. We provide fun, competitive team based shooting games in a woodland environment suited for all players regardless of experience or age.

Our 30 acres site consist of some dense woodland , trenches , pill boxes and barricades , 2 forts and several land rovers and caravans.


All this man made cover make the Frontier site the ideal mix of CBQ style fire fights with plenty of woodland cover and the range for all you snipers and sneaky players out there who like to hide whatever the time of year


Our age limit starts at 14 (full face mask till 18) and we keep our prices very competitive – lunch is included in the price and consists of a large Baggett (ham or cheese) , a large cookie , a chocolate bar and a can of soft drink


On average we have between 30 – 60 players but have had over 90 on site comfortably


We run our games from 9am till 4pm (with 50 min for lunch) and usually each individual game runs from 30 min to 50 min (so there are about 6- 7 per game day)


Our staff are all veteran players (all with over 50 shoots in 2 years) and can offer friendly advice if your new to airsoft


We have an onsite gun mechanic and you can book in for repairs between events (so two week turn around)


More than anything , what makes frontier different from other sites is the role-play elements we use to complement the games


Although you will be playing the regular style of games , capturing objectives , rescuing hostages and generally shooting people – each game also has a back story and this is played out during the games – for more information , please the “what are you fighting for” section of our main website: http://www.frontierairsoft.co.uk/


Any questions please give us a call on 07590 255 914

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