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Dropped: WE browning Hi-power - Wont fire :(

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Hi All, happy to post pics but after some advice on if this is terminal / sell for parts and buy new one or something I might (or gun tech) have a chance to fix.


My trusty browning slipped about 1 foot onto the stone floor this morning. Initially damage appeared very minor, bent the back of the grip very slightly (where the stock would fit if anyone made one). Annoyed but no major biggy.


Then realised it wont fire. Slide and hammer all seem fine. The issue seems to be in the trigger to hammer connection. The browning uses a pressure bar that is held back when the mag is in place. This causes the small pin connected to the trigger to go up (otherwise goes forwards, designed this way as hammer should not work without mag).


This pin pushes a small rocker bar on side of the slide, which in turn pushes down on corner of plate holding back the hammer and bang...


Well now although I can see no damage on any of it, the whole gun seems to flex just enough not to release the hammer. With an empty gas mag holding the slide to the frame the gun works. Pulling the trigger causes hammer to fall. Let go and nothing again. (No gas as I dont want the slide going back while I am holding it :) )


So fiddle inside shows slight movement on the trigger assembly (appears to be a drop in unit locked to frame in some way). I dont know however if that's normal on these, nor if something somewhere is bent / snapped (looks all intact) as I have nothing to compare with.


Thoughts, suggestions all welcome.

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