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  1. Ahh no worries mate thanks ill have to do abit more hunting in that case
  2. To be totally honest i just like the way it looks
  3. Whats the reason to stay away from this gun?
  4. Cheers mate just need to find one that looks as good as the we baby now :/ haha
  5. Dont have a site yet but im guessing woodland
  6. Some days i wanna dual pistols rather than a rifle or smg
  7. Ahhhhh nightmare haha they look brilliant cheers mate they not last long?
  8. Hi looking for a decent pistol im looking for something like a we baby hi capa 3.8 but think i want more than 270fps any others you think look cool and perform well please let me know. Also let me know what you have and what others impress you Cheers
  9. The only thing that puts me off is their just too common
  10. Thanks mate i dont mind spending abit of money tbh even tho its gonna be my first gun it prob wont look like an mp5 by time iv plied it with attachments anyways haha
  11. Not a bad idea tbh any views on an mp5 full metal? Good or bad
  12. Cheers mate i wont be buying one till i have my ukara licence anyways just weighing up my Options and taking my time to decide what to buy
  13. is this fully metal? and what is the max fps i am allowed? im kinda a tart when it comes to looks haha
  14. hi guys, totally new to airsoft and i have no idea what kinda gun i want aslong as its not a sniper. all i know is i want an electric smg or AR and a gbb pistol that looks great aswell as shoots great. Also any companies you would recommend also ones i should stay away from. im from cumbria south lake district so nothing really around me for a 2 hr drive. thanks guys josh
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