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    2. b1n0gHo5t


      he was/is in the Medic core i believe alot of people would of froze and been like fuuuuuck, me included

    3. cavninja


      I guess some people would, one of the things that was apparent to me is that the site they were on would not have got past any of our "elf 'n safety" legislation. I don't know how strictly our sites are governed, but due to the physical nature of our sport, there is a chance you could do yourself some similar damage. Hence the recommendations from all to carry a first aid kit, and if you don't know how to use it, learn!

      I've just started cobbling mine together...

    4. cavninja


      and this was on top of my list! http://www.spservices.co.uk/item/Brand_EmergencyCareBattleFieldDressingBandage-Military_23_0_1976_1.html

      I've just ordered a couple. They would have done desertfox dude with his injury very well, and as they're real issue, they look cool too!

      Perhaps we should all carry them, then in the event of an injury, you use the injured's and not your own? Same principle as in the military?