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    CAA M4, WE Glock 17c, M9 Beretta, Well MB-01 L96, TM Hi-Capa 5.1, Cyma AK74u
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    Whatever piece of camo I can find.
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    2. Colonel Kurtz

      Colonel Kurtz

      I'll see if i can find a link friend gave me once for how to treat bits of foliage so they don't rot but don't look shiny either...

    3. NiallAckroyd


      cheers, thats always concerned me when people used real foliage and how they fought it rotting, I'm new to the ghillie scene lol


    4. jcheeseright


      you replace it each time you use the suit and keep rotating new stuff through, that's how you stop it rotting :)


      As for the price of that, you cam make your own for a fraction of the cost with some old fabric and a bit of net!


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