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    VFC HK 417D
    G&G CM16 SLR
    TM 4.3 hi capa
    WE Samuria Edge
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    Mixture of MTP and Multicam and various other kit. For every occasion.
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    The Ex Site in Wales mainly and will be trying more sites around the Wirral.
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    Airsoft, military history, Marvel movies and writing.

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  1. I really want a RIF so much. Hate being poor lol

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    2. team flex

      team flex

      I really want to have UKARA :P gotta live without some things

    3. JD8825


      yea explaining to people about what airsoft is in work gets mixed reactions. Especially, when they see you in MTP lol If I had a better paid job with some extra income I would be better off. But shift work + crap wage= work hard for beans lol You could sell your bike for 1500 and that could sort out an whole load out with a primary, secondary and clothes, pouches.

    4. b1n0gHo5t


      I knoow but..well one day in the saddle had me grinning from ear to ear for too damn long

      already setting up loadout Ak47 or tactical Varient & a Desert eagle side arm (the geek in me is screaming to do a MW2 loadout)

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