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  1. Thanks, I've had a look and they look like exactly what my mate wants
  2. Hi everyone, My mate is looking to get into airsoft and he wants something along the lines of an M4. I have an SRC M4 that I'd sell to him but I don't want to get rid of it because I use it almost every game I go to. I've given him my opinion of my mine, but could anyone recommend any other brands of M4 that are suitable for beginners, along with links to where to buy them if possible? Thanks, David
  3. I'm 16 in a few months and I've been playing airsoft for almost a year now, and I agree with people who say there is 2 types of kids. A lot of new players think it is an action movie and try to be Rambo, or they don't want to take advice from experienced players. Then there's the ones who listen to older players and try to become as good airsofters as they can. Personally, I took all the tips I could get from older players and I didn't try to be Rambo when I first started. And now I have learned a lot about the sport and I really hope that I will someday be able to teach younger kids to play airsoft. Because they are the ones who keep the sport alive.
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