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  1. Sol.d the CYMA for a nice price of €210! The guy who bought it was rather impressed by the trigger response. ^^ . Sadly my mum is making me pay my bus fare and school stuff so I can't spend it all on airsoft. 'Twas a fun two months we had together Mr.CYMA.

    1. Dan_W


      What model was she?

    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      CYMA CM031,probably the worst CYMA AK available IMO. Doesn't have the bang for buck as the CM028(Or the performance and build quality of it) and is worse than the CM035 in every aspect. I replaced the gearbox completely,with SHS and ASG Ultimate parts and all stuck in a Marui gearbox casing.only thing stock was the hop up,barrel and externals

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