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    I like to be Milsim, with particular influence from units such as 22 SAS and E Squadron.
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    Airsoft, Fitness Training, Bushcraft and Survival, Comedies like The Big Bang Theory and The Inbetweeners, Going out with friends and having a good time.

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  1. I see on the guides there is no thread dedicated to Military SOP's as such., Anyone think it could be of any benefit if I whipped one up in the next week or so for the benefit of those who want to go into milsim or generally just improve their game?

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    2. Panther


      Awesome, thats sorted. Already asked a couple mates to chip in and will start writing it tonight, should be ready to go by the end of the week...

    3. alwaysontheoffensive
    4. Airsoft-Ed


      I'd love to give it a real, always happy to increase the realism of everything.

      Thanks for spending time sorting it :)

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