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  1. Just found out my site won't allow me to make a non-sniper style weapon a DMR! Just lost some business... suckers!

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    2. kungfumonkey


      surely if locked it to semi they could not refuse it i know my sight allow that just buy a spare selector plate and file it down so even if you select full auto it would only fire semi all i would need to do at my site is pop a screw in the receiver to stop me turning the selector switch to full auto some sites hey..... and ed that would be wicked to see and imagine the bragging rights


    3. Grounded_Pilot


      Indeed! I've built a DMR MP5 before. I took a broken G&G Mp5A4 with a V2 gearbox and did a switch-a-rooney with an old A&K SR25. Then I had 2 working guns, and all I needed to do then was wire the MP5 for lipos, and sort out a decent barrel and hop. Simples!

    4. Grounded_Pilot


      Oh just wait until they hear of my MP7 project... how I'm gonna make it 300+fps I don't know.. best there is out there is the MAG 130% spring+piston sets!

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