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    G&G Top Tech TR15 Raider L
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    Black spec ops
    Digital DPM woodland
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    Dragons Lair Airsoft, Brentwood, Essex
    Bunker 51)
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    Any where that I can get to via public transport!
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    East London
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    Airsoft, Xbox, Football and Golf.

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  1. What to ask the missus to buy me for Xmas?? Magpul Masada? TM L96? Oh decisions, decisions!! Bet I get more blooming Lynx though! lol

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      Can't have too many socks. I think my toes must have mouths sometime, that gnaw through my socks, 'cos it's simply stupid how quickly they get holes in.

    3. Grounded_Pilot


      Cut your toe-nails then :P

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      I do! I barely have any, I don't know what happens.

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