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  1. Im so sore after yesterdays skirmishing plenty of niice red welts all over my body. I tell you what them blackwater guns have some sting to them

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      I've had that happen before. Literally so close to the edge it was hard to believe it wasn't deliberate.


      I took my plate carrier off the other month to run in with my pistol and I'd forgotten how much it stings to get pelted in the chest and back from 15m away lol.


    3. SooGoo


      i seemed to get hit everywhere but my plate carrier it seemed but it was all fun either way

    4. iAcorn


      I mainly get pelted in the face and in the chest (on the PC). Thats why I run full face :D Glad you had a good time mate. I do prefer The Granges Honiley site though. More tactical. @Ed yeah sometimes it's hard to believe it's really less than 2Joules of energy hitting you sometimes!

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