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  1. Ok. Ghost in The Shell 2017, there is a weapon that is a disposable one-use submachine. The one used in the movie is just an uzi that fires blanks with a shell to disguise it. I want to make a replica of that gun, but being faithful to the original design (image attached). It will be possible to be used just once, because the body I'm going to make won't be possible to be taken apart, so it can't be reloaded (not gas, battery, or bb's). I want to keep that part of the story in the weapon. So what worries me is just the guts of the weapon, because it just has to be pulling the trigger and that's it, because the actual weapon was just like that, simple, cheap. I hope I've been clearer this time🙏🙏 Thank you for your time anyway, Tackle! I knew it was going to be hard xD.
  2. It's a movie prop replica. The Hero prop fires blanks, I want mine to fire bb's.
  3. That is great, thanks!! And now, I ask you...what would you buy if you were to make a gun like that, same fire rate, using the cheapest parts available? (Only mechanism, not body) Would it be possible to reduce costs?
  4. Right. And about the mechanisms, could you make me a list of the things I would be needing in order to achieve something near to the fire rate of the gun you're refering to if I were to start one from scratch? Remember, the cheapest cheapest options. Thanks!
  5. It has to be that size, but not that particular machine gun. I refered to that one in the first place because I wanted you to know the room available for the mechanisms of the weapon I'm planning to make. It will be impossible to disassemble because the weapon it's based on, is disposable, and I'd like to keep that part of the story in the gun.
  6. Sorry, not familiar with weapons' names. This is the one I'm talking about.
  7. Yes, it will be a movie prop replica that will fire bb's, and I need to make a number of them, so the option of buying a gun, and taking the mechanism is not a viable solution. Thanks!! It will be a movie pro replica that will be impossible to disassemble, and I need to make a number of them. It will be a movie pro replica impossible to disassemble, and I need to make a number of them.
  8. Hi, everyone! I'm working on a project, and I need to build an airsoft automatic mini uzi that will be used just ONCE. I'm looking for the cheapest parts and solutions that can yield automatic firing. I'm just talking about the mechanisms of the gun, forget the body, but bearing in mind it will have to fit within a Tokyo Marui uzi. Any ideas? Thank you so much, people. Looking forward to hearing from you. Peace and love.
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