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  1. Thank you both and sorry all for the bed spelling in the last post cheers all 😜😜
  2. Thanks all ill deffo check out @GAMBLE videos. Me and my friends used to do this as kids in our loval forrest but just kids springers. I jave always had an ibtrest in girearms but more of the mchanics behind ut rather than pew pew but i do like the pew pew lol. I saw some videos online about this on utubie and fancyed giving it a shot but im a total noob when it cones to gun coice i.e springer gas electric but i will read through some of the posts on here. Thank guys and gals
  3. Hi all, First time poster here i have been in to the sport for a while now but never been to a site for a skirmish before.was looking to gain some info about the do's and dont's and possibley make some new local friends. Hope to hear from you all soon.
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