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    GG m4
    GG gtp9
    1911 kimber
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    M4 holo sight,
    Generally run with mid cap
    Moss fit
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  1. Dal15

    Gg Arp556

    Cheers buddy
  2. Dal15

    TM S&W M&P9

    Hiya mate, made an offer but wanted to check the pistol is in good working order etc?? cheers
  3. Dal15

    Gg Arp556

    Hi, I just brought a GG arp 556 just wondered if anyone can recommend a fore grip that will fit ? It doesn’t seem to have a regular rail like an M4 so the ones I have don’t fit .. cheers
  4. Dal15

    ASG CZ P-09

    Is this still available? Is the pistol full metal? cheers Dal
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