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  1. Hi. I'm looking at buying the polarstar f2 v3 but everywhere is sold out. I've tried High pressure airsoft but nothing there. Is there a shortage or something? Thankd
  2. Hi, I'm going into the Hpa route and don't really know where to start? I've heard that version 3 gearbox can be a bit of a pain so what sort of things do I need/ brands maybe? This is the gun I currently use https://www.taiwangun.com/assault-rifle-aeg/jg0450a-au-3g-j-g-works Thanks in advance
  3. Hi I'm looking at buying a asg to convert to a HPA but all seem to be version 3 gearboxes. I've been told that you can only use a version 2, is that right?
  4. That's decent, do you have a Facebook page or anything?
  5. Hi I would be interested. How much would it roughly cost, just bit tight on money atm 😂.
  6. Hi I have just bought a short type grenade launcher pistol and was wondering the best way to holster it. I want it in a belt and have tried a universal pistol holster but is way to small. Any ideas, maybe custom holsters if they exist ? Thanks
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