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  1. Good evening to the pew pew collective, I am new to the sport as my son wanted to start it up, so i purchased a second hand WE p226 from forum classifieds as that was the model he liked. Bu it has never really worked properly it either uses all the gas before the mag is empty or after a few rounds it vents all its gas ? it was taken to a local shop and they swapped over things from a new gun to see if it cured it but was the same (all for free, nice guys )they came to the conclusion that it was the mags that came with it so bought one, it tried at home it seemed better but after two try's went back to same issue (after buying new gas valves for old mags still did it as well). (have tried stronger gas) He then lost interest and didn't want to go and play . Now taken gun apart completely have found striker sear has a broken pin nozzle return spring is deformed but it still springs back, the bit of plastic that keeps nozzle valve and spring in hadn't been held in place by the screw (done that now)rebuilt it but its still the same if not worse ?Lol been all over it again everything back in its right place, buying a new one will fix issue but will not learn what could be causing it ? I can get some of the springs and striker sear and nozzle but what say you all for the first time arm chair diagnostics ? Waiting in anticipation for any help given !! regards Old but not obsolete.
  2. Hi not sure if my first message got through?has the offer been accepted or are you wanting full price? I work in Basildon so can come and pick it up,and roughly how old is it and what use has it had ? Cheers old but not obsolete.

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    Wanted WE p226 lower frame with internals. I have a fault with my sons p226 was bought from classified section on here but have a issue with it it has not even seen a game yet, local gun tech was looking in to it but has now left and they don't anyone at the moment to strip it down and swap parts to find fault . It fires a few rounds then dumps gas, does it on any of the mags gun tech said it was to do with lower internals as he swapped the slide from a new one and still done it ?? any advice from your armchairs on what part might be causing this would be grateful .


    Southend on Sea, Essex - GB

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