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  1. It's just how the rules have always been I think it's more because it's a very tight space arena. every p90 I have had in the past the selector has never worked you pull the trigger back and if you don't release it the moment a shot goes off it proceeds to go full auto
  2. Thank you all for your answers you have been helpful. But just to clear something up. There is a pic attached (I hope) the 2 prongs that connect with the metal bit that slides back if I was to remove/block one of them does that block the full auto?. Thank you all
  3. Do you mean block off one of the contacts so only one touches the block?
  4. Hi all I am looking for some advice, I am wanting to get myself a p90 but need to get the hang of single fire for my site. But I am wondering if there is a way I can lock it to semi, I have looked into MOSFETs and other such items but nothing seems to give me a definitive answer. Any help would be great cheers
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