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  1. Only ever bought from the US once and paid more in tax than what I ordered. Will definitely only buy from UK. It was the gun specs I found on a US site. For some reason where I bought from didn’t list a full spec.
  2. Thanks guys. Just found a US site that says it has Picatinny rails.
  3. None of the blurb with the gun or online says what sort of rail it is using to mount the scope on. How would I tell what I have?
  4. Would something like this be better or is it still too cheap? https://riflescopesuk.com/telescopic-sights/vector-optics-rogue-2-6x32-aoe-hunting-rifle-scope-w-illuminated-r14-reticule.html Alternatively does anyone have any recommendations?
  5. I seem to be having issues. I’m finding that I keep having to adjust the left / right adjuster almost every time I come to use the gun / scope to get it to line back up and sometimes even part way through a session. This is from the same 12m distance to target and not windy. Any ideas why this might be?
  6. Thanks for that, glad it’s not just me being thick. Whilst I’m on the subject is there a brand that’s recommended? I’m using .20 for plinking. Currently using those angry balls, I paid £15 for 6000. There wasn’t much in stock when I ordered and they seemed the best buy. I’m guessing biodegradable means it’ll take them a few thousands years less than regular plastic to degrade?
  7. I’ve tried to find info on this and feel stupid having to ask but it’s a last resort. My bbs came in “speed loader pots”. Seems straightforward, flip the nozzle up and pour bbs into the speed loader, only they don’t pour out of the nozzle. I have to shake the pot quite hard for any to come out. I’m finding it far easier to unscrew the pot and empty a load out into something else and then pour them into the speed loader. Am I being stupid or are these pots really that useless?
  8. We’re just using it for plinking and the scope was a whopping £24.99. If there’s no improvement to be made then we’ll just make do, we’re still having fun 😀
  9. Ah no, definitely no numbers on it. Just been using the rifle and found I had to adjust the vertical adjuster again but I don’t know why. I’ve had the scope aligned just fine since I got it.
  10. Thanks for the replies. First time buying from bbguns4less, did take a long time to arrive but that seems normal for some places right now. I was missing a face mask from the order which they told me a few days ago they were refunding for but no sign of that just yet. Packaging was awful! It was all in a bag loose, obviously the gun was in its own box but everything else was loose. The scope had come out of its box and was just free to be bumped around. Luckily nothing was damaged but I wasn’t impressed at the lack of packaging. 3x is the only setting it can be used on with a clear image. Is this going to be the closest then regardless of scope? Just checked and the bit you’ve circled in red does indeed move but doesn’t appear to do anything. It gets looser the more I turn it and feels like the lens will drop off if I keep going. The eye piece also appears to rotate but again doesn’t seem to do anything.
  11. Hello, New to airsoft guns, I bought one for myself and my son (17) to target shoot in the back garden. The gun I chose was a double eagle m59 (based on an L96). Added the optional bipod and 3-9 x 40 scope. Unfortunately we haven’t got a very long garden. From where we are shooting from to the targets is 12 meters and the targets are 2 - 3 cm in size. The problem we have is that the scope can’t be zoomed in to the targets without it going blurry. Getting it in clear focus is better than using just our eyes but is there a scope that would be better suited? This is what we currently have: https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/rifle-scope-3-9x40-for-bb-guns-in-black.html Gun: https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/double-eagle-m59-sniper-rifle-in-blue.html Any help gratefully appreciated.
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